Business Development Consultant

The National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya (NFDK or The Fund) is a non-governmental Trust Fund registered under Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Act, Cap 164. The Fund was incorporated on 6th April 1989 as a Trusteeship under the Trustees Act Cap.164 of the Laws of Kenya. The Mandate of the Fund is to enhance social and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Kenya. The fund envisions a high- quality life for PWDs in Kenya. Our Mission is therefore to offer the best support services to PWDs in Kenya through provision of resources, promotion of awareness and advocacy of appropriate policies.

To deliver its mandate and strategic objectives, the Funds core programs focus on provision of assistive technology, inclusive education and livelihoods. These are delivered through provision of mobility aids and vocational tools of trade; grants to institutions infrastructure improvement and income generating activities; and policy advocacy on disability inclusion among other interventions. To strengthen delivery of its mandate and as a strategic focus, the Fund will establish new and strengthen existing strategic partnerships, linkages and collaborations. The Fund therefore seeks to recruit a talented and experienced Business Development Consultant to provide technical support in new business development and strategic partnerships.