Procedure of application, selection and Distribution of assistance

  1. A call for proposal is placed in the newspaper at the beginning of financial year.
  2. Acquisition of official proposal document by an institution from the website or NFDK office
  3. Application by the institution stating their needs and projects and attaching all the required documents.
  4. Sending of the proposal to the Fund secretariat by the government offices or through post office or courier services within the indicated timelines
  5. Selection of projects for funding and assessment by Trustees
  6. Approval of projects to be funded
  7. Signing of contract between the institution and NFDK
  8. Fund disbursement in tranches and inspection of the project till completion
  9. Commissioning of the project upon completion by the Board.

Please note

The Fund is currently funding institutions of learning. Self-help groups, private companies/businesses, CBOs and NGOs are not eligible to apply