Wheelchair Users

COVID-19 :- Wash your hands with soap and water as often as possible for at least 20 seconds after using the device Regularly clean and disinfect your wheelchair especially in areas frequently touched. Wear gloves and avoid touching your face. Dispose them after use Cover your mouth with elbow when sneezing Avoid going out unless where necessary. Stay at home!


To offer the best support services to persons with disability in Kenya through provision of resources, promotion of awareness on the contribution they make towards national development, and advocacy of appropriate measures to minimize conditions giving rise to disability.


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The National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya runs many events that help raise awareness and money to help us empower the disabled.

Since the National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya was established in 1980, the Board of Trustees and management have continually sought to fulfill the Fund’s mandate, with deliberate efforts being made to safeguard the assets and increase revenues for the benefit of persons with disabilities in Kenya.

To accomplish our vision and mission, the Fund commits itself to observing the highest ideals of Professionalism, transparency, accountability and probity, Promotion and protection of equity and equality for all, Teamwork and mutual respect for each other and clients, Trustworthiness, dependability and honesty, and Operating in an environmentally friendly manner and promoting accessibility as it implements its strategic objectives and strategies.

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