Since 2009/2010, the National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya(NFDK) has been running the Big Grants Programme and, with a regular grant from the national government, sponsors one or two flagship projects per county.

Currently, 24 flagship projects are funded per year in 24 counties, with NFDK able to reach each County every two years. Through the same annual programmes, the Fund supports over 150 institutions concerned with PWDs, while aiding over 3,000 individual persons with disabilities. The Fund assists over 150 institutions and over 3,000 individual persons with disabilities every year.

A total of 98 projects have been initiated countrywide, with 65 already commissioned. NFDK envisages that by end of 2017/2018 financial year, every County in Kenya shall have at least two flagship projects to be proud of. Click here to view the flagship projects commissioned so far.